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How to Buy Booky Vouchers (No Prime Membership)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses such as restaurants, salons, and fitness studios have been forced to shut down for months.  And although some establishments have begun to resume operations, it can still be challenging to transition into the “new normal.”

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If your favorite restaurants, salons, or studios are on Booky, you can show your support by buying vouchers using your Wallet. These vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of the merchant’s reopening. You also get to enjoy up to 50% off!


How to Buy Booky Vouchers using

Step 1: Open your Wallet app then tap All.

Make sure you have enough funds in your Wallet to buy your Booky voucher. Cash in instantly through online banking or e-wallet apps (Read: Online Cash In Options). Or go to any 7-Eleven, Palawan Pawnshop, Western Union location nationwide. See all cash in options



Step 2: Scroll down then tap on Booky.



Step 3: Select Buy Vouchers



Step 4: Find the voucher you want to buy.



Step 5: Choose whether you’re buying the voucher for yourself or as a gift. 



Step 6: Enter your mobile number. Make sure this is the mobile number connected to your Booky account. 



Step 7: Tap on Pay with



Step 8: Once you’re redirected to the page, tap on Pay with



Step 9: Log in to your account

Security Reminder: The official and recognized domain of is only Only use the official mobile app and official website to log into your account. (Read: How to Spot Phishing Sites)



Step 10: If you have two-factor authentication enabled, enter the code from your authenticator app. (Read: What is Two-Factor Authentication?)



Step 11: Review your transaction then tap Pay to confirm.



That’s it! You can now claim your voucher in your Booky app. Make sure to log in using the same mobile number you used to purchase the voucher.

my phone is my wallet

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