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Best Ipon Challenge for Students in 2020

ipon challenge for students

Saving money isn’t just for adults. In fact, starting good money habits while you’re young makes it easier for you to become responsible with finances later on. One fun way to do this is by starting an ipon challenge. Not only do you learn discipline, but you also get to save money for summer break ( AKA no baon days).

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Here’s a straightforward ipon challenge for students in time for summer 2020:

Ipon Challenge for Students: Save All You Can

We say save all you can because there are no exact numbers here. The idea is to be flexible enough that no matter how much your baon is, you can still save. There are only three rules and they’re super simple 

  1. Spend only when needed
  2. Add ₱10 to ₱25 per day as emergency money for school projects and assignments
  3. Save the rest

Yes, it sounds a bit extreme. But the idea is to allow yourself to experience a little discomfort today so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor tomorrow. Or in this case, during the summer break. Here’s a quick sample of what that looks like


  • Daily Allowance: ₱200
  • Daily Fare: ₱75
  • Prepaid Load: ₱15
  • Emergency: ₱20

Daily Savings: ₱90

Weekly Savings: ₱450

Savings by Summer: ₱3,600 to ₱4,050

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Notice that food isn’t included in that computation? Here are a few tips to help you save all you can:

  1. Bring baon. If you have leftovers from the night before, pack that plus a cup of rice to keep you from spending your allowance on canteen food or fast food.
  2. Bring a water tumbler. Most schools have drinking fountains. Take advantage of them! No need to spend ₱15 to ₱25 for bottled water.
  3. Avoid unnecessary transportation costs and walk when you can. The exercise will help you mentally and physically. Plus, the ₱20 to ₱30 saved can grow to the thousands with time.
  4. Encourage your friends to go to free tambayans. Instead of hanging out in a coffee shop, try local parks, libraries, and other free hangout places. There are loads of hidden gems around your school and your locale.

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