Referral Tips: How To Refer Like a Superhero |

Learn how to be a referral superhero!

Learn how to be a referral superhero!

Here is what our top referrers have already figured out:

1. Tell the friends you’re referring why they should use

Show them how much time and money you’ve saved by buying load, paying your bills and sending money with!

2. Post your referral code/link where many people can see it

Your Facebook page or blog (if you have one) is a great place to start.

3. Show your friends how to get ID and Selfie verified to claim their reward

We’ll help them along the way, but people also like seeing what they need to do before they sign up – that’s where you come in! We made this video just for that.

Bonus tip: Did you know you can refer friends to by sending money to their email address?

Try it the next time you owe someone money – they’ll receive your payment once they sign up AND you’ll get a sweet referral bonus once they verify their Selfie and ID!

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