Simplifying Global Payments: Supports PayID Launch

Simplifying Global Payments: Supports PayID Launch

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Together with the rest of the Open Payments Coalition, we are excited to announce our support for the launch of PayID, a unified, easy-to-read payment ID that simplifies sending and receiving payments. The Open Payments Coalition is a multinational alliance that includes, Gojek, Ripple,, Brave, Mercy Corps, and more.

PayID replaces the need for multiple cryptocurrency addresses, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers. Sending and receiving payments is as easy as sending an email, regardless of which platform or currency is used.

We are excited to support the launch of PayID, which is in line with our shared vision of making financial transactions more accessible for everyone. PayID is a significant step in driving interoperability in the financial ecosystem and simplifying the process of sending and receiving money across multiple online platforms worldwide.” – Lisa Kienzle, Head of International Growth at

The launch of a simplified payment ID is fully in line with’s mission of increasing financial inclusion across Southeast Asia’s 650 million population, which remains largely unbanked. We will announce further details at a later date. The mobile wallet and payments platform enables anyone, including those without a bank account, to easily access financial services directly from their mobile phone.

To learn more about PayID, visit

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