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5 Reasons to Get Dota 2 Battle Pass in 2019

dota 2 international battle pass 2019

It’s that time of the year again and the Defence of the Ancients (DotA) Battle Pass is officially here! While features from the previous Battle Passes will still be there, this battle pass introduces new game modes, new cosmetic items, some quality of life improvements, living turrets, and all sorts of neat features to get you preparing for battle.

If this isn’t enough to get you to fork out for Battle Pass 2019, then these 5 reasons just might:

1. Wrath of Mo’Rokai

While this special mode isn’t available yet, Valve’s teasers about it seem to have gamers from all over incredibly pumped.

According to the teasers, this special mode mainly entails needing to feed arcane energy to mythic beasts to help them awaken, regain their powers, and join in the battle against enemy ancients. With that comes collecting energy as you destroy objectives and eliminate heroes around the DotA map. You can even get shared abilities that you can use in battle to destroy opposing team’s ancients.


2. Jungle Expedition

If cosmetics is where you get your jollies from, the Jungle Expedition is bound to give you a unique experience. This is the most effective route to take if you want to play matches and unlock cosmetic rewards. The goal is to unlock the jungle-themed special tools and item sets, and even Battle Points by winning games against heroes blocking the path to treasure-filled ruins.

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3. Consumables

Speaking of hunting, special tools like the “Trusty Shovel” helps you search and dig up areas of a map for special treasures. If you’re lucky, you might get Battle Points, Wheel Spins. Treasures, or even the cosmically-rare “Honey Heist” Baby Roshan courier. If you’re not so lucky, you might just end up unearthing danger.


4. Coach’s Challenge

If special modes and treasure hunting isn’t your thing, then you can get straight in on the action with the Coach’s Challenge. Here you’ll be rated as a coach after each match as you try to lead random squads into victory.  If you do well, you can climb the leaderboard and earn additional Battle Points.


5. Party Finder

This new tool allows you to add friends or players from random matches and existing Steam Friends and group them into your pool of preferred teammates immediately after a match. Conversely, this feature also allows you to add players into an avoid list so you can steer clear of players you disfavor immediately after a match. One helpful feature that comes with this is the improved Versus Screen that shows layers prior matches and notable achievements.



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