How to Reload Autosweep RFID Online with |

How to Reload Autosweep RFID Online with

how to reload autosweep rfid

What is Autosweep?

Autosweep RFID is a device that you install on your vehicle that lets you enjoy cashless payments in SLEX (South Luzon Expressway), Skyway, NAIAX, and MCX.

Once you arrive at the toll booths along those expressways, you can simply have your Autosweep RFID scanned and your toll fee is automatically deducted from your Autosweep account.

Now, you can even skip the lines at reloading stations and load your Autosweep RFID with your wallet!


How do I load Autosweep?

Step 1: Open your app then tap All

Step 2: Tap on Travel then select Autosweep RFID

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to load (minimum amount is ₱500)

Step 4: Enter your Plate Number connected to your Autosweep account

Step 5: Slide to Pay and that’s it!


Download the app for free:

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