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7 Small Business Ideas You Can Start This Christmas

It’s no surprise that Filipinos love celebrating Christmas. Whether it’s decorating our houses or giving away gifts to our loved ones, many of us spare no expense during the festive season.

For the business-minded Pinoy, the holiday season presents opportunities to earn extra income. With a dash of resourcefulness and a sprinkling of creativity, you can try starting these small business ideas this Christmas, even if you have little capital.

1. Sell Christmas delicacies and food products

If there’s one thing we love doing during the holidays, it’s pigging out.

The Christmas season marks the comeback of Filipino holiday favorites like puto bumbong and bibingka. You’ll also find a lot of food stalls selling delicacies like ube halaya, fruitcakes, fruit salads, egg pies, cassava cakes, and leche flans.

Come Noche Buena, you won’t see a single table without the famous hamon and queso de bola.

If you know how to make these Christmas foods, you can put your cooking skills to good use and sell them to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Another option is to whip out grandma’s secret recipe and bake cakes, cookies, and other pastries that are also popular gifts during Christmas.

2. Make Christmas decorations and ornaments

Filipinos love decorating their homes for Christmas. The moment the -ber months arrive, you’ll find malls and houses glittering with Christmas lights faster than you can sing Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in Our Hearts.”

If you know how to make handcrafted Christmas balls, lanterns, socks, and wreaths, these Christmas décors can be a lucrative sideline for you this season. You don’t even need a huge capital to buy supplies, as you can use recycled and indigenous materials for an eco-friendly small business venture.

3. Sell clothes

Christmas is the time for parties and family reunions, and everyone wants to look their best for these occasions.

You can take advantage of this by selling clothes festive dresses and clothes. You don’t need a physical store to do that as there are several shopping platforms that you can use.

Try buying wholesale clothing products that you can resell from Baclaran or Taytay, the garment capital of the Philippines.

Tip: create a Coins.ph wallet so you can instantly buy load to communicate with your customers!

4. Sell toys

Have lots of ninong and ninang friends? Sell them toys that they can give to their inaanaks!

Some popular toys that you can resell include action figures, dolls, playhouses, robots, and kitchen sets. A quick trip to Divisoria will score you some of these, but make sure that you’re buying quality ones!

5. Offer gift wrapping services

Most people wrap their gifts by themselves, but there are others who can’t be bothered to do so.

If you got the talent for wrapping gifts the artsy way with a ribbon on top, you could offer it as a service for your family and friends. All you need to is attractive gift wrappers, tapes, ribbons, scissors, and gift tags. You can also sell gift wrappers for more income!

6. Make gift baskets

Know how to weave baskets? You can create gift baskets, buy grocery items to fill them, and wrap them in Christmas-themed wrapping sheets. Instant holiday giveaway!

To save on grocery, you can buy them from wholesale dealers. Common gift basket contents include fruits, dry and canned goods, and bottled beverages.

7. Make Christmas cards

If you have a knack for rhymes, puns, taglines, and slogans, then you might be able to turn that into a profitable Christmas card-making business.

As a creative artist, you can create Christmas cards with a variety of themes ranging from romantic to witty. You may also make personalized gift tags just by using a simple layout software and a printer.

And since it’s the digital age, you may also want to create e-cards, which can be sent over email or social media.

Make Payments Easy with Coins.ph

If you’re thinking of trying out these small business ideas, you need to make sure you receive payments easily. This is especially true if you’re planning to sell online.

Creating a Coins.ph wallet allows you to receive money from customers, even if you don’t have a bank account. You can cash out your earnings anytime via Cebuana Lhuillier, GCash, banks, cash cards, remittance centers, or even door-to-door delivery. Talk about a hassle-free way to make money over the holidays!

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