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Pay Your Meralco Bill Online

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Know Your Meralco Bill

Understanding the parts of your Meralco bill helps you see how much electricity you really consume.
1 – Account Number – This identifies you as the account owner. You need this to pay your bill.
2 – Previous Amount Due – Total amount due for all electric services under your account
3 – Balance From Previous Billing – Unpaid balances from previous billings
4 – Current Charges – Amount due for this payment period
5 – Total Amount Due – Aggregate cost of Current Charges and Previous Amount Due
6 – Service ID Number – The ID number used for electric service related issues
7 – Meter Reading Date – The date your meter was read
8 – Bill Period – The period for which the electric service is being billed
9 – New Meter Reading – Your next scheduled meter reading
10 – Breakdown of Total Electricity Charges – An illustration that shows how much of your payment goes to players in the electricity supply chain
11 – Meralco Reference No – You need this to pay for your bill through


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